Monday, November 19, 2007


I was born in Argentina, forty two years ago.
I have a masters in visual arts from the University of La Plata.
I'm a sculptor, painter and drawer.
I have been making jewellery since 1988.
For 6 years I'm living and working in Vancouver.
For 3 years I'm renting this space that before was Gallery42
and now is Jewellerbau, were I intend to show my series of work in silver,
sometimes in gold or another metals.
My stuff is waiting to find it's owners.
My objects are one of a kind, I never repeat a ring or object.
They deserve it (and i can't do it really i'm not a jeweller).


  1. Hi Dina!
    Thank you for showing me around your space, I really love what you are doing, and your work is wonderful! The artist I couldn't remember is named Isidro Blasco, check it out!
    Best of luck, hope to drop by again soon.

  2. Hi there Dina;

    Your site and store looks mucho fantastico. Your rings look great. I love the white walls with all the sculpting and presentation boxes. Wow. You have done so much work.

    Plus Burana and Rudy are excellent staff for the store.

    Good luck on all your new adventures at the gallery and with Jewellerbau.

    Peace and Joy

    Christine and James