Friday, November 2, 2007



Vancouver BC.
This is a renovated store that is re-opening its doors Nov.6 in Vancouver's SOMA neighborhood.
It is Located at #42 Kingsway (just north of Broadway where Kingsway meets Main Street).
Jewellery and art will be on display and for sale in this eclectic space… it’s particularity being in it's
continuous transformation. Inspired by rubble, demolition and construction, the co-owner, Artist/Jeweller DGM will be building "like an ongoing Performance" on the shop walls, a BAU (construction, building, sculpture, object etc) like the original MERZBAU. White wooden forms are placed on the walls making a relief. In some of the little spaces created between the white forms you can find crazy jewellery on display.
Come and join us to see this living space, art and jewellery!!!!.

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