Monday, January 7, 2008


A Bird in the Hand by leannej

(a three-dimensional graphic story)

Opening January 15th at 7pm

Runs to February 12th

At (JewellerBau)

42 kingsway

[at Main Street]

Vancouver BC

Join us for the opening of A Bird in the Hand, a new show by leannej. A bird in the hand is a three-dimensional graphic story. Known for her flowchart installations, leannej combines her odd tendency to tell stories in boxes with her compulsive need to make small hand-sized sock birds. In A Bird in the Hand, she explores the various meanings of habitat and home in her large flow chart stories.

This is leannej's first three-dimensional show which features over 50 life-sized replicas of birds commonly found in British Columbia with a few rare exceptions. The text flow chart provides shelter and places for the small birds to perch. Each bird is hand made using only recycled socks and glass beads.

Leannej is a text based artist. She has been publishing and showing text based images in magazines and gallery spaces in Canada and the US. Her first book was published by Artspeak Gallery in 2002 and is available at . Texts in this show and bird images are also on view on her blog, Birds hate us. You can find the blog at

(JewellerBau) is the latest reincarnation of Gallery 42, owned and operated by artists Dina Gonzalez Mascaro and Joelle Ciona. They have completely remodeled their space to accommodate local and Argentine artists and showcase the sculptures and jewellery of Gonzalez Mascaro. The "Bau" in (JewellerBau) is an evolving sculpture of display niches inspired by Kurt Schwitters' merzbau installations of the 1920's.

The grand opening of (JewellerBau) is February 14h at 8pm.

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