Thursday, November 13, 2008


We are so excited to participate in ONE OF THE KIND SHOW (Vancouver) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We hope this event will provide us with more exposure and let people know who I'm
what I do and
where they can find my studio...
At the same time the idea behind this venue sounds perfect with my production because
i REALLY do one of a kind things and I was in other fairs WHERE
you are exposed in a certain disadvantage competing with people who work with mass production
with big business where the cost of the objects are incompatible with a business like mine...
For this past month i trying to finish a New series of work done specially for this show.
These series are animals heads, but not your typical animals.
These animals heads are taken from works of very known painters, masters like Picasso,Lockner Durer.
These heads are an interpretation… i took animals from the 2-dimensional works and I converted them into 3-dimensional jewellery.
I think if people can compare an animal with the person who will receive the gift or what animal this people need i think it is the perfect choice for a special gift, plus for people who love paintings, it will be nice to have a chunk of some famous painting on your chest.
Here the rabbit of Durer

And Picasso's BULL!!!

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