Friday, September 25, 2009

Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver: Editors' Picks: Style

Best place to find wearable art

JewellerBau/Gallery 42
2408 Main Street

Yet another gem in the fabulous 2400 block of Main Street, JewellerBau’s sculptural handmade display cases are filled with the raw, chunky jewellery of owner Dina González Mascaró. The rings, pendants, and bracelets range from rough, abstract shapes to the most uncutesy small dogs you’ve ever seen, rabbit-head pendants inspired by Albrecht Dürer, and bulls’ heads from Pablo Picasso’s Guernica. Mascaró, an Argentinean who has lived in Vancouver for almost 10 years, claims she’s not a jeweller but a sculptor who happens to make jewellery. Also visit to check out other artists’ work she carries and to chat with her about the ideas and process behind her edgy pieces.

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