Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Opening thursday 11,7 PM "SORRY, WE'RE NOT ATHLETES"

"Sorry, were not athletes" is a very little and polite act of resistance to the THiNG that's happening in our town for two month and which will impact our life for years to come.
The Mount Pleasant BIA encouraged us to make an event in our place, for the Olympics. For the occasion we have made buttons that read: "sorry, we're not athletes" which will be offered to the audience.
The exhibition consists of 5 objects that fall somewhere between sculpture and jewellery...
5 melted bronze medallions speak to the huge melt-down in social (where is the housing?), cultural (where is arts funding?) and even climatic expectations (where is the snow?) etc, etc, etc. The work is a reflection upon the suffering that comes when mega-events are forced upon the city.

melted medallion: LEGACY 2010 EDUCATION

melted medallion: LEGACY 2010 ART

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