Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Are you ready to celebrate with us?
Are we ready?
Come and share Trevor's work and our new space.
The weather is fine...


  1. I came to your opening last night and although I was very impressed with the selection and craftsmanship of the jewelery, I was bitterly disappointed with the lack of work shown by Trevor. I had been invited to the event in the hope that I would enjoy both but when I got to your venue there was only one print presented (although I know more were printed) and a sideshow on glass which meant you could not view the images to their full glory. When advertising a joint event like this it seems only fair that both artists are represented.

  2. Buenas de pronto puse “DINA Mascaro” en el google y ¡zas!…di con este blog.
    Como andas DINA, soy Nahuel. Si el sobrino de Maro ja…

    Te felicito por tu trabajo, son increíbles las cosas que se ven por acá, y que lindo que se ve todo, los perritos por sobre todo muy simpáticos.
    Bueno acá te dejo el link de mi blog…
    Hay mucho labarito digital hecho a las chapas para la empresa donde estoy trabajando.

    Bueno te dejo un beso grande y mucha merd