Monday, August 4, 2008

Jewellerbau: NEW PLACE

Welcome to Jewellerbau/Gallery 42 a little tour of images:

our front door : 2408 Main Street
Our back door: #36 Kingsway...
if you enter from the back door you are in gallery42/my studio too...
if you enter from the front door  you are in the Jewellery store
on one side the sculpture is inspired by Kurt Schwitters
on the other side: display cases showing Argentinian designers and my own work.
in the middle gallery /studio are together. It's and open concept sometimes i will closed the gallery if i need it the space to do my own art...

inside the office i do my jewellery

I hope to see you soon in our space...thanks to everyone who helped us to realize our dream
Dina and Joelle

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