Sunday, August 3, 2008


Joelle(Ciona) and me(Dina Gonzalez) we need! we must! thank everybody who helped us to put our place together.

Over all to TIM HIGGINS whom without his friendship + help+tools+magic van, we know we couldn't have done it .

Gene's cafe for your kindest friendship and for the best coffee in the city and maybe in the world!.

T.O.R. The Office Resource for donating the most beautiful glass doors for my studio.

To Rob and Patty for helping us to install the doors.

To Jean at Practicals lighting for the most amazing track lights, 28 track heads and 28 BULBS all donated to us...!!!!

To Jean Routhier and Alan for helping us to install the tracks and lights.

To Macey owner of "budgies" for being our neighbor and giving us storage.

To Lark for giving us advice and Storage...

To Dandelion Records and their landlord for donating the most beautiful light box displays...

To the guy who brought cardboard boxes(i don't remember your name) and everyone else who helped us in this new adventure !!!

Dina González and Joelle Ciona

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